PSE2022 International Matchmaking (Hybrid)

The PSE 2022 - International Matchmaking is an important part of the International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering in Erfurt (DE). The scheduled B2B-Meetings offer an ideal opportunity to identify potential cooperation partners and to establish interesting business contacts. Every participant selects his conversation partners individually and has 20 minutes to exchange about projects, products and services.

B2B-Meetings can take place in the Industrial Exhibition at the Conference from September 13 - 14, 2022 or online from September 5 - 23, 2022.

This offer is free of charge for participants of PSE2022.

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This matchmaking event is organized by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN):

EEN supports small and medium-sized enterprises and research-related institutions on their way into international markets and projects. We offer practical and free support in the development and utilization of innovations, in accessing EU funding and in initiating international cooperation in the business, technology and project sectors. The network works on behalf of the EU Commission at around 600 institutions in 65 countries. We are well connected with industry and research clusters in Europe and beyond, can effectively disseminate your cooperation requests and offers internationally, and can also help with issues such as industrial property rights, public procurement and corporate sustainability.

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