Partner Country

In 2018 the PSE Partner Country is Belgium. Belgium is situated in Western Europe bordered by France, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, and the North Sea. Tourists like their wonderful regions at the belgian northern coast, the Ardennen mountainsor cities like Brussels, Antwerp and Gent.

In Belgium the community for plasma and ion source engineering is represented by the Belgian Vacuum Society. It promote the development of vacuum science and technology and contribute to its advancement in Belgium. It also has as its objective to create and maintain interesting and useful relations between its members concerning vacuum and to provide interesting and useful relations with foreign vacuum societies and with international organizations having the same objectives.

The Partner Country Concept is supported by BelVac

Belgian is also member in the collective Reserach Network CORNET. CORNET is a network of ministries and funding agencies that combine their existing funding schemes to increase competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). In this way CORNET supports new funding organisations worldwide to introduce pilot actions and schemes for pre-competitive Collective Research.


Belgian Program Highlights

Overview to Belgian Program Highlights

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 Brochure to the Belgian Delegation

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 Thanks to Wallonia Brussels International.


Belgian Participants

You are belgian participant at PSE 2018? Then we would like to present your company, your institute or your working field with a few words here. Also conact information are welcome. Use the chance and present yourself to intrested people in the field of plasma and ion surface engineering.



Gent University, Gent
Research Unit Plasma Technology, Department of Applied Physics &
Research Unit DRAFT, Dedicated Research on Advanced Films and Targets

Ghent University was established in 1817 and has 11 faculties, which offer high quality and research-based educational programmes in almost each scientific discipline. Currently there are about 9000 staff members and over 41000 students. More than 11% of the student population is international. The university is very active on the international scene, scores high in the international rankings: 69 in the Shanghai ranking and 107 in the Times Higher Education, and has been at the forefront of the implementation of all European funding programmes. Apart from educational projects, Ghent University is active in many research projects, a number of collaborative development projects, financed by both national and international organisations. At the UGent, number of world-class research activities are performed on study of plasma surface interactions and plasma surface engineering in departments of Applied Physics and Solid State Science.

One Research group of the Department of Solid State Science is the Reserach Unit Dedicated Research on Advanced Films and Targets (DRAFT). DRAFT’s long tradition in reactive magnetron sputtering and high-level fundamental research resulted in his international well-known status about the subject. Beside the research on industrial interesting materials, the group focusses on the fundamental aspects of reactive sputter deposition from both experimental as modelling viewpoint. Realizing the benefits of close collaboration with the industry and knowing the high demand for test-depositions and small-scale research projects, DRAFT offers the perfect solution for each interested party.

Contact: Diederik Depla,


Soleras Advanced Coatings, Deinze

Soleras Advanced Coatings is a leading global provider of sputter targets and equipment used in the deposition of thin film coatings.

Sputtering Equipment for new coater compartment integration and Existing coater upgrade or expansion. Cathodes are customized using our portfolio of integration parts and components. Soleras can offer coater software capabilities.

Sputtering Targets. Soleras provides a broad portfolio of sputtering rotary and planar targets. We apply various processing technologies to a wide array of materials with custom characteristics. Soleras offers best time to market and cost of ownership.

Services and project management. Our global footprint and support capabilities ensure we can meet your needs anywhere in the world. Soleras provides a broad array of services to drive improved productivity and Performance.

Contact: Walter Helskens, phone: +32 9 387 81 21, E-mail:


Materia Nova, Mons

MATERIA NOVA is a research and development center based on advanced and disruptive technologies in the field of sustainable materials, multifunctional surfaces, materials for energy and biotechnology.

The 80 scientific experts from Materia Nova offer partnership with small, medium or large companies for research and/or development projects which are mainly carried out in the Materia Nova facilities and are validated at industrial scale either by its subsidiary companies (IONICS S.A. and NANO4 S.A.) or directly at customers site.

Materia Nova gives also technical assistance to companies such as in upscaling, feasibility testing, life cycle assessment, materials characterization, market research, state of the art, technology watch and targeted consulting.

Contact: Thomas Godfroid, phone: +32(0)65554902, E-Mail:


University of Antwerp, Antwerp
Research group PLASMANT, Department of Chemistry

The University of Antwerp is a young university which has its origin in three separate institutions, who merged into the UAntwerp in 2003. It has about 20,000 students. It is ranked at position 13 in the QS Ranking “Top 50 under 50” (ranking worldwide all universities younger than 50 years old).

The research group PLASMANT focuses on modelling of plasma chemistry, plasma reactor design and plasma-surface interactions, for various applications (environmental/energy, plasma medicine, materials science and analytical chemistry), as well as on experiments for plasma medicine and environmental/energy applications. For plasma medicine, the focus is on cancer treatment. For environmental/energy applications, most attention goes to CO2 conversion into value-added chemicals and renewable fuels by plasma (catalysis), and research now also started on N2 valorization.

The group belongs to the NANO centre of excellence and to the technology transfer consortium on Sustainable Chemistry of UAntwerp.

Contact: Annemie Bogaerts,


CRM Group, Liege
The Bridge between science & market

The activities of CRM Group are mainly dedicated to the production, transformation and use of metallic materials. CRM Group offers R&D and technology solutions focusing on the development of innovative processes and products that create value for its members.

CRM Group combines skilled and experienced research teams with unique testing facilities covering the whole manufacture chain, from raw metal production to advanced steel applications, from laboratory scale to industrial demonstration. CRM Group notably operates several large pilot lines which were fully designed and constructed by its internal engineering department.

Our Innovation revolves around 5 main themes:

  • Sustainable production
  • Energy efficiency
  • The development of metallic products
  • Surface treatments
  • The development of solutions and advanced metallic materials as well as new sensors and measurements

We bring a particular attention to technical support to Small and Medium Enterprises thanks to our expertise.

Contact: Ahmed Rassili,


IONICS Surface Technology, Liers

IONICS is specialized in the development of industrial innovative surface treatments to reach new properties, enhanced durability and develop new materials. Its fields of expertise are: metal surface treatment by precious or base metal coating with electrolytic or chemical process; development and sales of organic-inorganic hybrid sol-gel; research, development, production of surface treatment based on plasma technology and sales of equipment.

IONICS presents you 3 new plasma technologies: ionJET, a microwave based plasma torch; PLAMECO, a plasma treatment for powders, beads, fibers, etc.; and ionLAB, a fully functional R&D pilot, based on the ion implantation industrial ion gun technology for surface treatment.

 Contact: Fabian Renaux, R&D Manager,, phone: +32 4278 91 60



Partner Country Workshop

"Plasma Diagnostics and Modelling"

February 7 - 8, 2018, Mons                                                   Summary [PDF]

This Workshop was supported by:

Thank you all for your participation!