General Information

Conference Language

The official conference language is English. All oral and poster presentations as well as abstracts and manuscripts are required in English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.


Scientific presentation will be given either as lectures or as poster. The lectures are divided in

- the Opening Plenary Lecture (PL), duration 50 min.
- Plenary Lectures (PL), duration: 45 min. per lecture
- Keynote Lectures (KN), duration: 30 min. per lecture and
- Oral Presentation (OR), duration: 20 min. per presentation

The lecture duration includes 5 min. for discussion. The presentation of the lecture will be scheduled by the conference code: 3rd and 4th character for the number of the session and the 6th character for serial number within the session. Computer with Microsoft Office Software (especially MS Power Point) and projector/beamer are available in every lecture room. Therefore we need a copy of your presentation. We kindly ask you to bring along a memory stick containing your presentation to the conference. It is also possible to use your own notebook. If you consider presenting a movie, we recommend using your own notebook.

Presenting authors are asked to come to the respective lecture room before the session, to ensure that there is enough time to copy the presentation or for installing the notebook. Please, check with the room attendant, whether everything is working properly.

The Poster Presentations (PO) are given in 4 sessions. The presentation of the poster will be scheduled by the conference code: 3rd character for the number of the poster session and 4th - 6th characters for the serial number within the session, which corresponds to the number on the poster board. The poster size is 90 cm width and 120 cm height (DIN A0), i.e. portrait format. The authors are requested to mount their poster in the morning of the day of their session, and to remove it at the end of the same day. Please make sure to bring the necessary material for mounting the poster (tape or pins only!).


EFDS e.V. as organizer of the conference will not be responsible for any personal accidents or loss of as well as damage to private property of participants and accompanying persons which may occur during the conference. This also includes all social events taking place in connection to PSE Conferences. Therefore, participants should contact their own insurance if they consider necessary.