Conference Topics

1. Plasma and ion surface engineering


  • Plasma an ion source technologies

  • Plasma in liquids


  • Atmospheric plasmas

  • Particles and powders in plasmas

  • Plasmas in conversion technology

2. Surface modification technologies

  • Plasma diffusion technologies
  • Plasma treatment, cleaning and etching


  • Physical vapor deposition - PVD


  • (Plasma-enhanced) chemical vapor deposition - (PE)CVD


  • Other plasma based surface processing technologies

  3. Coating applications and properties


  • Protective and tribological coatings


  • Optical, electrical and magnetic coatings

  • Biomedical & biological applications

  • New energy concepts related coatings
  • Conversion processes related coatings
  • Quantum technologies

  4. Characterization and simulation of films and processes


  • Simulation and modelling of growth, structure and properties

  • Simulation and modelling of plasma processes
  • Diagnostics of technological plasmas
  • Analytics of film structures & properties


  • Simulation of plasma-based process chains

  5. Changes in Plasma Surfaces Engineering


  6. Plasma(-catalysis) in gas conversion processes